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Real Estate agency "TZAMTZIS", is a family business , founded in Volos on December 1925 by Dimitris.I.Tzamtzis, a Greek refugee born in Alexandria, Egypt , at the age of 21. Later, while the real estate agency started becoming well - known at the professional circles Volos, Greece for its consistency , straightness and professionalism, in 1971 passed into Ioannis Tzamtzis and housed for a long period in Ipirou str.From 2001 and on, the agency moved and operated in Spiridi street nr.3 (second floor), at the very heart of Volos, while in the year 2006, Dimitris.I.Tzamtzis takes hold, the youngest one, who leads  from December 2011 applying innovative methods property management. Our office offers property sales, rentals, management, and issues energy efficiency certificates in the prefectures of Magnesia and Larisa, Greece. 

About Us

Tzamtzis "die Garantie von 1925" in Immobilientransaktionen!

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